Henrico County, Virginia

Henrico County, Virginia

LOCATION: Henrico County, Virginia

TYPE: Fiscal Impact Analysis

TEAM: Carson Bise, Julie Herlands

TischlerBise completed a fiscal impact analysis in conjunction with the development of the Henrico County 2026 Comprehensive Plan, prepared by Clarion Associates. TischlerBise employed a case study-marginal cost approach to evaluate the fiscal impact of various growth scenarios developed through the comprehensive planning process. The analysis evaluated the fiscal impacts by sub-area based on location, density/intensity, and timing of growth. The results were provided to the County as a stand-alone analysis as well as incorporated into the final Comprehensive Plan. In addition, TischlerBise developed and implemented a customized fiscal impact model for use by the County to analyze individual development proposals. The model allows the County to vary land use and financial assumptions to reflect changing conditions.

TischlerBise was subsequently retained by Henrico County to update both of the Fiscal Impact Models developed as part of the previous Fiscal Impact assignment (Countywide Growth scenarios and Development Projects) to reflect current conditions and to assist in analysis of several major mixed use projects being proposed in the County.