Ben Griffin

Benjamin Griffin is a Senior Fiscal/Economic Analyst at TischlerBise with specialties in finance and economic development planning. Prior to joining TischlerBise, Mr. Griffin worked for the New Orleans Business Alliance (NOLABA) — the non-profit agency tasked with leading economic development initiatives for the City of New Orleans. During his time with NOLABA, he conducted field surveys to determine the economic health of key retail corridors and researched economic development initiatives. Prior to working for NOLABA, Mr. Griffin worked for the Jefferson Parish Planning Department where he gained experience in the short-range planning division. This provided practical experience in planning and zoning while also providing insight into the daily operations of a public sector planning department. Mr. Griffin also worked for the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans where he helped guide the historic preservation staff through subdivision processes. This involved working with the New Orleans’ planning and real estate departments, conducting public outreach, and representing the non-profit at council meetings. Finally, Mr. Griffin served as a facilitator during community meetings for the Livable Claiborne Communities study and worked with the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to identify alternative sources of funding and redevelopment strategies to support the agency’s mission of reducing blight and revitalizing the City of New Orleans.

Colin McAweeney

Colin McAweeney is a Fiscal/Economic Analyst at TischlerBise with specialties in finance and economic development planning. Prior to joining TischlerBise, Mr. McAweeney completed his M.S. at Erasmus University Rotterdam where he specialized in economic development. Here, Mr. McAweeney became knowledgeable in planning that involves fiscal, social, and environmental sustainability. In Rotterdam, Mr. McAweeney conducted several field studies of local at-risk neighborhoods and presented planning solutions to city leaders. Additionally, he brought together a team of academics and consultants to plan a biking corridor in Kenya. He finished his degree with a thesis surrounding the urban aspects that attract investment. Before pursuing his M.S., Mr. McAweeney worked in the finance sector for several years. While performing at a high level, he was able to become very familiar with financial markets and business financing.

Wilson Henry

Wilson Henry is a Fiscal and Economic Analyst at TischlerBise, specializing in fiscal and economic impact analysis, real estate market analysis, and economic development planning. Prior to joining TischlerBise, Mr. Henry worked as an urban planning and economic consultant at HR&A Advisors in New York, NY. His experience as a consultant exposed him to the challenges of complex development projects and public-private partnerships. Mr. Henry has completed numerous projects throughout the Country, including the fiscal and economic impact of Georgia Institute of Technology’s Technology Enterprise Park, the economic impact of mixed-use development plans at Denver International Airport, and the fiscal impact of annexation by the City of San Antonio, TX. Additionally, Mr. Henry conducted a number of in-depth market studies; he analyzed real estate market conditions in Omaha, NE to inform plans for a downtown convention district, analyzed retail market trends in Durham, NC to develop recommendations for a planned mixed-use development downtown, and assessed the long-term development potential of four industrial sites on the Hudson Waterfront. Finally, Mr. Henry contributed to the City of Cambridge’s forthcoming plan Envision Cambridge, working alongside City officials, consultants, and community members to develop housing and economic development policies and goals for the City.