L. Carson Bise II, AICP
L. Carson Bise II, AICP    President

Carson Bise has twenty-five years of fiscal, economic, and planning experience and has conducted fiscal and infrastructure finance evaluations in thirty-six states. Mr. Bise has developed and implemented more fiscal impact models than any consultant in the country. The applications developed by Mr. Bise have been used for evaluating multiple land use scenarios, specific development projects, annexations, urban service provision, tax-increment financing, and concurrency/adequate public facilities monitoring. Mr. Bise is also a leading national figure in the calculation of impact fees, having completed over 250 impact fees for the following categories: parks and recreation, open space, police, fire, schools, water, sewer, roads, municipal power, and general government facilities. In his seven years as a planner at the local government level, he coordinated Capital Improvement Plans, conducted market analyses and business development strategies, and developed comprehensive plans.

His most recent publications are Next Generation Transportation Impact Fees, Fiscal Impact Analysis: Methodologies for Planners, published by the American Planning Association, a chapter on fiscal impact analysis in the book Planning and Urban Design Standards, also published by the American Planning Association, and the ICMA IQ Report, Fiscal Impact Analysis: How Today’s Decisions Affect Tomorrow’s Budgets. Mr. Bise was also the principal author of the fiscal impact analysis component for the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Smart Growth Toolkit and is featured in the recently released AICP CD-ROM Training Package entitled The Economics of Density. Mr. Bise is currently on the Board of Directors of the Growth and Infrastructure Finance Consortium and recently Chaired the American Planning Association’s Paying for Growth Task Force. He was also recently named an Affiliate of the National Center for Smart Growth Research & Education.


Dwayne Guthrie, AICP, PhD.
Dwayne Guthrie, AICP, PhD.    Principal

Dr. Guthrie has thirty-two years of experience as a professional planner working primarily in the areas of impact fees, demographic analysis, infrastructure funding, fiscal evaluations, and transportation planning. His career includes twenty-three years of work as a planning consultant and eight years of public sector experience. At TischlerBise, Dr. Guthrie is the impact fee team leader, with over 380 studies completed for approximately 120 jurisdictions in twenty-five states/provinces. Dr. Guthrie has also served as an expert witness on the topic of impact fees.

As a planning practitioner, Dr. Guthrie promotes smart growth through revenue strategies and pricing policies. By helping communities implement development impact fees, local governments create a nexus between private sector development and the demand for public facilities. Rather than subsidize growth with general tax revenues, Dr. Guthrie works to ensure designated funding for infrastructure that also helps to minimize externalities like traffic congestion. He has pioneered innovative methods for tabulating census data to support higher fees for larger housing units and reducing fees for infill development located in urban centers.

Dr. Guthrie also taught graduate planning courses at local universities including Growth Management at the Alexandria campus of Virginia Tech and Planning Techniques at Catholic University of America. His doctoral dissertation, titled “Understanding Urban, Metropolitan, and Megaregion Development to Improve Transportation Governance”, documents the expected geographic extent of commuter sheds in 2030 for large metropolitan areas within the continental United States. The dissertation recommends a new paradigm for transportation governance with scale-dependent decision-making and funding strategies.


Julie Herlands, AICP
Julie Herlands, AICP    Principal

Julie Herlands is a Principal with TischlerBise and has fifteen years of planning, fiscal, and economic development experience. Prior to joining TischlerBise, Ms. Herlands worked in the public sector in Fairfax County, Virginia, for the Office of Community Revitalization and for the private sector for the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) in their Advisory Services and Research Department. She has led a number of consulting projects including economic and market feasibility analyses and economic development assessments and plans. Her economic and fiscal impact experience includes a wide-range of assignments in over fifteen states including growth scenarios, development projects, and incentive analysis. She has developed fiscal models for dozens of clients for local use to determine the fiscal impact of development projects.

She is a frequent presenter at national and regional conferences including serving as co-organizer and co-presenter at a half-day AICP Training Workshop entitled Fiscal Impact Assessment at the APA National Planning Conference. A session on impact fees and cash proffers presented at the APA National Conference is available through the APA training series, Best of Contemporary Community Planning. She recently co-chaired the APA Task Force on Economic Development is currently the Immediate Past Chair of the Economic Development Division of the APA.